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Let’s go swimming!

Reservations may be made by the hour for use of our pool with your pup(s). Our pool is fenced in by 5 foot chain link. Rates are $32.00 per hour (for up to three dogs) 

Please consult with your veterinarian to obtain their recommendation.  When we are taking your dog for a dip, we will always use a life vest on the pups. We are in the pool area completely monitoring their swim.  

Pups that are experienced swimmers or dock- divers may not have to wear a vest if you allow and give us written release. 

If you are not accustomed to using our pool (it’s your first visit)  - We will need to have a  short orientation. 

It is recommended to bring the following items for your adventure:

Water for Pup, Your swim-wear, as you will most likely be getting in to encourage your pup to get in. Please wear dock or water shoes.  Flip- Flops are not allowed on dock for your safety. Change of dry clothes if you want for your drive home.

Food or dog treats are not allowed inside the pool.  They can be given in the fenced area. No Electric training collars or pinch, choke or martingales on dogs on the dock and in  pool. No Lifeguard is on duty.  You know I had to throw that one in. Please keep  ALL Gates closed.

Training and Assistance is available upon request.  We can discuss your needs for pool / dockdiving individual training.

Event and Parties are available also.  Please contact us at 404-323-2408 to discuss and plan opportunities and pricing.

Our Recent Barn Hunt

We have all heard the saying, "I smell a Rat"   But we say, "I Smell FUN"   

Where did this come from originally? Back in time, dogs were trained to rid of destructive vermin in barns, crop storage areas, and homes.   Our specifically designed, covered, and fenced area allows the dog to climb, navigate and tunnel in and out of bales of hay or straw. Tough, secure and safe tubes are hidden on the course. One (or some) of them have the trained Rat inside and the dog uses skills to notify their handler they have located the correct tube. 

The dogs do not pick up the tube. NO Rats or Animals are ever harmed in any way.  Human's  (called Rat wrangers) retrieve the tube once located so they are not shaken at all. The rats used in Barn Hunt are our beloved family pets. They jump eagerly into their safe, comfortable aerated tubes and truly enjoy interacting with the dogs.   Canine Country Academy provides a knowledgeable instructor to share the skills that a handler and their partner dog need to play the hunt game.  

If the desire is to move to competition, you and your four-legged partner will be ready to go for it.  This sport is open to any dog of any breed or mix who wishes to play the game and can fit through an 18" wide by bale-height tall tunnel.  Check out the Barn Hunt Association for more details.