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Rotten Dog Sports Lodge located in Brasleton, GA

Rotten Dog Sports Lodge

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Pool Pricing $30.00 per hour (for first 3 dogs)  + $5.00 each additional dog. Tuesdays or Thursday special pricing  $20.00 per hour,  5 visits  $17.00 each, 10 visits  $15.00 each.

Packages for Tuesdays or Thursday can be pre-purchased and used by Nov 1, 2023. 

Call us today for packaging options. Keep a watch out for a text alert to obtain a package at the least cost available in 2023.

Dog Swimming, therapy, and excersise will all go towards keeping your pup healthy. 

Ooooh I am loving this swim
I am just learning, don't let me go
My vest is on so let me at the water
This swim is so nice with my owner.
Come and do some laps with us
That ball looks like fun
The Jumping Platform
Entry to the platform
A Birds Eye View of the entire pool area
Green Carpet entry means all system are go