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Rotten Dog Sports Lodge located in Brasleton, GA

Rotten Dog Sports Lodge

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Swimming / Dock Diving

  • 2024 Pool Rental and Classes to be announced soon. 
  • Scroll down to check class descriptions and dates/times. 
  • Group classes are generally based on 4-6 week class sessions   (inside).  (updated Monthly)   
  • Private lessons can be customized, just give us a call or email.

To hold your spot, Log in, click Request Services, click Group Classes, review options. After selecting your class to enroll you must also complete the payment section that pops up. We will then confirm and accept your enrollment. 

Agility Foundations     * See the schedule below

A good foundation is essential for every agility team. First Steps First!  We do exercises to get  your dog ready for further training in Obstacles, Sequencing and Handling. Whether you want to just build a positive relationship with your dog - while having fun, or if your goal is to trial, this is where you want to start.   

Let us show you some ideas for  stretching and warming up for activity.  You may ask why this is important now, when this course is not super speedy runs, pushing multiple jumps, and running contact equipment, that will come!  You can bet your dog will benefit from some preparation.  Not to mention these simple procedures could be beneficial in other activities you may do with your dog.   

Teamwork is the game here!  It's our objective to show you focus games, along with concepts such as offering behaviors to really train your pup to think through certain exercises.  Flatwork/basic handling  techniques are introduced along with your dog's bodily awareness is practiced within our exercises and we will also introduce a few obstacles.   

We will be using positive marking of the correct behavior, so your dog learns what is expected and in a very fun way!   Things to bring: A well fitted flat collar,  4-6 ft lead, high value training treats, and a high value toy. Please bring water for your dog as well!

Barn Hunt, Nosework, Agility Foundations, Manners

Click Signup, fill out customer signup if you have not done so already. If you are already a customer sign in.

Once you are signed in "Request A Service", "Group Classes", "Choose the class", and pre-pay.