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Rotten Dog Sports Lodge           404-323-2408

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Not just Boarding,  Sleepovers

We offer sleepovers inside our home that are safe and entertaining for your beloved pup.  Our intention is to make it as least like a Kennel as possible.  The dogs are kept securely in their own area within many separate rooms throughout our lodge providing  the least change a dog must endure while away from  its own home.  Another advantage to this is limited number of dogs and a higher ratio of caregivers per dogs.  They are among our family as we go about our daily life and someone is with them overnight as their needs are met.

Your pup may pack their favorite blanket and toy(s), food, treats and any special needs.   No need to “bring the kitchen sink” as they say, we have plenty of bowls, pails and other daily items for their stay. Our desire is to make it easy for the Pet Parents to quickly load them up and bring them over.

If you forget food, we can provide our Victor Grain Free food or let’s talk.  We do feel it is best for the pups to remain on their current diet.

Current Vaccinations are required for the safety of all our guests.  Please provide written proof of current vaccines per the below requirements:

*DPP (Distemper, Parvovirus and Para Influenza)  -   
A Veterinarian  Certified  Titer may be considered also for DPP .    
*Rabies Vacination
*Bordatella Vacination

Special Needs Animals -   Let us pamper them for you. 

Want flexibility?  We are there with you.  

Let’s talk and communicate drop off and pick up times.  Non Business Hours  just need to be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time please.

Rates are $35 per night (with discounts for multiple dogs and multi night stays) .

Military, Firefighters and Police Discounts available.